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Sep / 20

Getting it “White” – White Label Agreements and the Law

Sharon Givoni Consulting Commercial and Contracts

What is a ‘White Label’? At its essence, a white label arrangement is where one business provides goods or services which are then sold by another business under the latter’s own brand name. This strategy is becoming increasingly common with the explosive growth of the e-commerce market. Such an arrangement allows companies to readily expand […]

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Unfair Contract Terms
Dec / 03

Demystifying the magic of unfair contract terms

Sharon Givoni Consulting Intellectual Property

Unfair contract terms are something we are all wary of and most of us have probably been victim to them at some point in our lives. Consider the following scenarios: You enter into a long-term contract with a supplier for the supply of wood and hidden in the fine print are terms which give them […]

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Signed, sealed, delivered - Sharon Givoni
May / 04

Signed, sealed, delivered

Sharon Givoni Consulting Consumer Law, Packaging

Do you know your rights and responsibilities when it comes to contract law? Intellectual property lawyer Sharon Givoni outlines five different types of contracts packaging professionals need to know about. Read more…

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Contract Law for Designers

Sharon Givoni Consulting Copyright

Who would have thought that contract law involves more than just boring jargon and signing on dotted lines?  This article aims to give you clear understanding on your rights, responsibilities and obligations regarding contract law within the creative industries. It also explains in simple terms what a contract is, and the different sorts of contracts […]

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Inspiration vs perspiration - The Basics of Copyright with Sharon Givoni
Aug / 10

Inspiration vs Perspiration – The Basics of Copyright with Sharon Givoni

Sharon Givoni Consulting Street art

Copyright protection springs to life once a work is created and reduced to some sort of tangible form. In Australia, you are not required to register it nor do you have to use the “©” symbol to be protected. It protects a range of works such as performances, paintings, photographs, sound recordings, works of artistic […]

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Sharon Givoni Consulting Retail and fashion Law

Models, whether professionals or just ordinary people are used all the time in the fashion world. But do they actually own their image? And, if not, what sort of consents do you need under Australian law in order to use their image for the purposes you need to in your business? In this article Sharon […]

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The Case for Binding Contracts

Sharon Givoni Consulting Arts and design, Copyright

Read how the owner of a holiday resort thought that they could use the photographer’s commercial images of the report without paying him. The court punished them even more because they had ignored the letters from the photographer asking for payment. Lucky for the photographer, he had a contract with them that set out what […]

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