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From Creation to Contract: Legal Tips for Surface Designers

Sharon Givoni Consulting Commercial and Contracts, Design Law

Introduction In the kaleidoscopic world of design, surface designers craft with colours and shapes, transforming plain surfaces into realms of imagination across fashion, home décor, and beyond. Yet, without the anchor of a robust contract, this creative journey can swiftly veer into stormy seas fraught with misunderstandings and unforeseen challenges. As a lawyer deeply embedded […]

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Trade Promotions & Lotteries – the Laws

Sharon Givoni Consulting Commercial and Contracts, Consumer Law

At Sharon Givoni Consulting we believe in proactive law which is based on the philosophy that legal knowledge is at its best when applied before things go wrong. In Australia, trade promotions and lotteries are regulated by the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) and the State and Territory legislation. “You could buy 100 lottery tickets and […]

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Jan / 18

Does your business have a good set of website terms and conditions? If not you need to read this…

Sharon Givoni Consulting Commercial and Contracts, Consumer Law, Internet Law

If your business is online, terms and conditions are a must. They are an electronic contract that is legally binding between you and your customers. Specifically, they govern what customers or users must comply with in order to access and use your website. What is the law? The Australian Consumer Law (ACL) requires businesses with […]

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Sep / 20

Getting it “White” – White Label Agreements and the Law

Sharon Givoni Consulting Commercial and Contracts

What is a ‘White Label’? At its essence, a white label arrangement is where one business provides goods or services which are then sold by another business under the latter’s own brand name. This strategy is becoming increasingly common with the explosive growth of the e-commerce market. Such an arrangement allows companies to readily expand […]

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