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Swim Between the Flags™ is a compliance training product developed by our firm over the course of many years.

The concept behind it is to train businesses about legal compliance in the areas of misleading or deceptive conduct, packaging, labelling, consumer laws, unfair contract laws, privacy laws, risk management and intellectual property laws.

The training package applies to all industries across the board including publishing, fashion, technology, services and food and beverage law, to name a few.

Our customised legal training programs are designed to protect you, your business, your board and management to keep you literally swimming between the flags and out of hot water.

Often, little blunders could lead to breach of consumer trust, intellectual property laws and labelling and packaging laws all of which could have devastating consequences to your brand as well as attracting:

  • Large fines for individuals and/or companies;
  • Product recalls;
  • Forced public apologies; and
  • Bans on businesses.

The courses emphasise being proactive rather than reactive and compliance training from the top down.

If managers and staff have been properly trained and effective policies are put in place, then such issues can be avoided. Further, we have learnt that building a strong culture of compliance needs to be from the top down, after all, all staff contribute to the running of a business.

  • Our courses provide training which is practical and to the point
  • Rather than just box-ticking we give tailored checklists and practical engaging case studies relevant to your industry
  • This includes:
    • How to avoid engaging in misleading or deceptive conduct and the making of false representations in relation to the sale of goods and services
    • How to avoid unfair terms in consumer contracts
    • IP compliance – ensuring you do not breach someone else’s trade mark, registered design or copyright
    • Conducting trade promotions and lotteries – how do to it right
    • Complying with labelling and packaging laws

Sharon Givoni and her team have been training businesses of all sizes Australia-wide for over a decade.

We use plain English and simple training techniques packed with numerous real-life case studies to communicate the main messages in our workshops in an interactive and engaging manner.

Attendees are provided with take-away materials and useful checklists to apply day to day in the workplace.

A typical workshop includes:

  • Reviewing the background of your business and the industry in which it operates;
  • Considering your training needs and where there might be gaps in legal knowledge;
  • Reviewing any legal compliance procedure that your business has in place;
  • Presenting dynamic and interactive workshops at your business premises or offsite;
  • Developing a tailored compliance program for the specific needs of your company;
  • Providing take-away presentation materials to improve your staff’s legal literacy; and
  • Any other requirements you may have.

To discuss your legal compliance requirements and identify how we can tailor a program to suit your needs, please give us a call on Tel: 03 9527 1334.

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