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Organic Claims - Legal Requirements for Labelling and Packaging
Jun / 26

Organic Claims – Legal Requirements for Labelling and Packaging

Sharon Givoni Consulting Food Law, Intellectual Property, Packaging

As ‘Organic’ products attract a premium price it is not surprising that many businesses want to use the term on their labelling and packaging. However, when it comes to organic claims, consumers should be able to assume that the organic claim is true and that the ingredients are indeed organic. When you design a label, […]

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Signed, sealed, delivered - Sharon Givoni
May / 04

Signed, sealed, delivered

Sharon Givoni Consulting Consumer Law, Packaging

Do you know your rights and responsibilities when it comes to contract law? Intellectual property lawyer Sharon Givoni outlines five different types of contracts packaging professionals need to know about. Read more…

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‘Legal’ Battle of the Bulge

Sharon Givoni Consulting Food Law

In this article Sharon Givoni considers whether food companies may one day need to place “fat warnings” on their packaging and some overseas cases where people literally took “fat to court”. Today, with all the health and nutrition information required on packaging, health warnings are probably unlikely. Read more…

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Making a case for accurate claims

Sharon Givoni Consulting Consumer Law

Food manufacturers are always trying to boast the health attributes of their products. The question is how far is too far? When does the law say its misleading? Companies such as Arnott’s, Uncle Toby’s and smaller operators have been under the scrutiny of consumer groups and the ACCC. Read more…

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Maltesers take on Malt Balls over their packaging

Sharon Givoni Consulting Packaging

Chocolate trade mark case brings no sweet success to Mars in a legal battle involving Maltesers and chocolate “Malt Balls”. The court held that although the packaging of both pictured floating malt balls, Maltesers were so famous in their own right that there was passing off or misleading conduct as no consumer confusion arose. Read […]

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Green Marketing Legal Boundaries

Sharon Givoni Consulting Packaging

Phrases such as “Nature’s friend”, green packaging and recycling symbols are often used to show that a product is green. However there are some traps to avoid under the law when doing this. If you claim that your product is “legally” environmentally friendly you should read this article. Read more…

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