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Creativity, Originality and Copyright Law
Jul / 10

Creativity, Originality and Copyright Law

Sharon Givoni Consulting Copyright, Intellectual Property

There is a lot of information involved when it comes to creativity, originality and copyright law. Clients often ask us what it would take to assert copyright in their drawings, artistic works or logos. The answer is simple. The first step is you need the work to be original in the sense that the copyright […]

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Social Media Policy in the Workplace
Sep / 20

Social Media Policy in the Workplace – Who Owns an Account?

Sharon Givoni Consulting Copyright, Intellectual Property, Internet Law, Social Media

We all know that social media accounts can be a valuable asset to any business. In the early days when an account was linked to a person, ownership questions were far less contentious. However, those days are long gone, and the revenue stream which comes from social media connections means that the ownership of those […]

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Copyright or Wrong – Ownership Issues

Sharon Givoni Consulting Arts and design

This article considers copyright considers for photographers including how long copyright lasts for, what can be protected and how. Firstly, what is copyright? Copyright is a generic term that covers the rights of creators of ‘works’ including photographs, drawings, painting and artworks, literature, music, films and written works. A clear distinction exists between the copyright […]

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Inspiration vs perspiration - The Basics of Copyright with Sharon Givoni
Aug / 10

Inspiration vs Perspiration – The Basics of Copyright with Sharon Givoni

Sharon Givoni Consulting Street art

Copyright protection springs to life once a work is created and reduced to some sort of tangible form. In Australia, you are not required to register it nor do you have to use the “©” symbol to be protected. It protects a range of works such as performances, paintings, photographs, sound recordings, works of artistic […]

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Photography and the Law - Sharon Givoni
Aug / 01

Photography and the Law (Part 1)

Sharon Givoni Consulting Copyright, Photography

Is it legal to photograph someone in a public place without their permission? This article addresses some common misconceptions and looks at copyright, model releases and legal consent when it comes to taking pictures of people and using them in all sorts of contexts. Read more… This article was first published in Australian Photography + […]

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