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Creativity, Originality and Copyright Law
Jul / 10

Creativity, Originality and Copyright Law

Sharon Givoni Consulting Copyright, Intellectual Property

There is a lot of information involved when it comes to creativity, originality and copyright law. Clients often ask us what it would take to assert copyright in their drawings, artistic works or logos. The answer is simple. The first step is you need the work to be original in the sense that the copyright […]

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Copyright Infringement and Music
Jun / 06

Coincidental or Copy? Copyright Infringement and Music

Sharon Givoni Consulting Intellectual Property

Copyright Infringement and Music When it comes to copyright infringement and music, perhaps one of the most important questions asked is whether the alleged copy is a substantial reproduction of the original. This article considers the main principles of copyright law when it comes to songs and critques a number of important musical works. We […]

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The Case for Binding Contracts

Sharon Givoni Consulting Arts and design, Copyright

Read how the owner of a holiday resort thought that they could use the photographer’s commercial images of the report without paying him. The court punished them even more because they had ignored the letters from the photographer asking for payment. Lucky for the photographer, he had a contract with them that set out what […]

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