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Counterfeiting is the unauthorised manufacture or copying of goods and making them available for sale. If someone copies your goods but sells them as legitimate with a fake logo consumers can mistakenly believe that they are genuine.

It typically involves cheap and inferior imports sold online which can take consumers by surprise.

Counterfeiting amounts to stealing and is very costly to Australian designers and business. Accordingly, Australia has a range of strict laws that deal with counterfeiting and piracy.

Steps we can take to help you deal with counterfeiting of your products:

  1. We can give you legal advice on how to avoid losing sales and further damage to your brand;
  2. Get some legal strategies to prevent importations of counterfeited products at the hands of Australian Customs (this usually includes filing a Notice of Objection);
  3. Take action through the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service;
  4. Issue a Letter of Demand to the counterfeiter;
  5. File online complaints with online retailers where third party sells rip offs of your goods on websites.

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