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It is no secret that digital disruption and the continuous developments in Information Technology have completely transformed the way we interact with each other and do business. Few, if any, enterprises can remain ring-fenced from the impact of digitalization and IT. In an age where digitalization could contribute between AU $140 billion to AU $250 billion to the Australian economy by 2025, it is becoming increasingly important to be aware of one’s rights with regarding cyberlaw and be empowered to act when necessary. Sharon Givoni Consulting can help you with a range of issues relating to digital and IT law. 

Digital and IT Law Australia

Digitalisation and IT broadly encompasses the using of technologies to collaborate and innovate. This includes but is not limited to the dissemination of data and information, software, information security and e-commerce infrastructure. As such, Digital and IT Law is better characterized as a body of law which integrates a multitude of legal concepts ranging from IP to contracts to privacy and data protection in the context of digitalisation.

Evolving digital and information technologies have brought both new opportunities and risks. To effectively function, it is vital to take adequate precautions in a timely manner to ensure that you and your business are protected from breaches in privacy or breaches in the IT infrastructure itself. It is equally pertinent to have solid digital and IT policies in place.

We offer a range of digital and IT law services including:

    • Compliance with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation
    • Compliance in Social Media use
    • Data security policies and implementation
    • Cloud computing compliance
    • Data protection in mobile apps
    • Detailed contract and transaction reviews
    • Privacy audits
    • Responding to complaints of breach of privacy, requests for determinations, privacy statements, consents and policies
    • Obtaining data with and without consent
    • Internet of Things (IoT)
    • Mandatory data breach reporting in Australia
    • Protection of trade secrets
    • Protection of confidential information
    • Spam law compliance
    • Telemarketing law compliance
    • Drafting website and app end-user terms and conditions
    • Software agreements (development, licencing, support and maintenance)
    • Blogger agreements
    • Electronic contracts

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